RCDPRO V0.0.4.6 - Panasonic DVD car players 2011-02-11

So, on customers demand we add:

- Matsu****a, CQ-VD6503N DVD
- Matsu****a, CQ-VD6503U DVD
- Matsu****a, CQ-VD6503W DVD
- Matsu****a, CQ-VD7003N DVD
- Matsu****a, CQ-VX100N

Some of models are based on FM25L16 (16Kb FRAM Serial 3V Memory), some on 24c01.

Possible functions:
- read original code, reset counter, changing code to new one specified by user, code off, checking crc in dump

Secured URL

Secured URL

Run your rcdpro.exe to get autoupdate or download:
Secured URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martech"]martech[/URL].pl/download/RCDPRO/rcdpro.zip">RCDPRO V0.0.4.6

If you have unsupported models feel free to contact us

Martech Team
Secured URL