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Thread: GRIFFIN II Platinium " SAS Activated " Software, Need Help !!

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    Default GRIFFIN II Platinium " SAS Activated " Software, Need Help !!

    Hi, i have this box ( GRIFFIN II PLATINIUM with SAS Activated ), and i have 6 CD`s came with the box, and 3 cd`s not work ( CD n 1,3,6 ), but i dont know why only this 3 cds not working, the others work fine.. I already tested with others CD-Roms drives and its the same with 1,3,6 cd`s, they cant read the CD`s.

    So a want to know if someone have the Full software for this Box with CRD, Crusade, etc.. ?

    Can someone help me plz, i cant do nothing if i dont have software..

    Sorry for my english..

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